…..Pool-Intelligent-Water-Inspector PIWI 3.14 gets going…….



The pool-cleaning robot PIWI (Pool-Intelligent-Water-Inspector) PIWI 3.14 always keeps his pool clean and sparkling and is happy. But his friend, Wilma the cat, disturbs his idyll when she tells him what it looks like in the brook nearby. They go there together to clear things up.

But that is not the only task as the brook flows into the river and the river into the sea; PIWI finds new friends everywhere but also lots of rubbish.

On his trip to the sea Piwi experiences lots of adventures – he saves ducks, gets kidnapped, ends up in a soup of plastic and...and...and – and collates almost as much information about rubbish as the amount of actual rubbish he collects. Which he luckily makes available to us: as "Piwipedia" – in book and net!

The theme, how rubbish makes its way into the oceans and what can be done against it, is set up lucidly in the form of a picture book for children from 6 to 10 years old. The book is available free for children. Its distribution is via schools, NGOs and the Ministry of the Environment. There is an accompanying learning case packed full with elements for playing and information, which can also be borrowed for a period of one to two weeks.

You can order the book or the learning case here